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Shipping Terms

Shipping & Shipping Costs

The goods value of orders over £50.00 will be sent recorded delivery for U.K. and Channel Islands. Outside the U.K. will need to be signed for International Mail

Our shipping calculator is quite sophisticated but works solely on a weight basis, so for large items to be shipped outside of Europe (e.g. Conti silencers) we can't calculate the exact amount because air freight is calculated on a volumetric weight basis, so we will contact with the exact amount, you will then have to pay this amount as a separate payment.

Your Details
Ensure all the fields are filled out when ordering. This includes the information on the delivery and payment pages. If you don't have a Postcode/ Zipcode then please enter an 'x' in the postcode field if you want to use the Estimate shipping function.

All our prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (GBP) as we are based in the U.K. Prices for customers in the U.K and E.U member countries will be liable for U.K VAT @ 20%. For customers outside the E.U will not be liable for VAT but maybe liable for import duty upon receipt of goods To help you, we have included a currency converter at the Useful Links section.

Credit Card CVV codes
When we use the credit cards while making an online transaction, we need to enter the Credit Card CVV number before submitting the order via internet. The Credit Card security code is present on the credit card itself depending on which card you are using.

For example: For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover the CVV number is a 3 digit number printed on the signature strip present on the back of the card.

And for Credit Cards by American Express, the 4-digit CVV number is right above the card account number on the front of the card.

Credit Card Orders
Items that are in stock should be bought using the credit card option. If you have multiple items in your basket and some are stocked and some are not.

We would appreciate it if you generated separate order forms. One for 'in stock' items using the Credit Card option and 'out of stock' items using the Sales order option.

Sales Orders
We have a sales order option for items that are out of stock. Ensure this is selected when entering your payment details. If you don't chose this option your card will be charged for items both in and out of stock. We will then contact you when the items become available.

Back Orders
If items are not in stock and the inventory informs you the item is also not on back order. Email '' or phone us 0845 680 9005 and we can personally deal with your request and you need not worry about the details of your order been lost in translation!