Lights / Indicators

CEV Indicator original (genuine New Old Stock) C/W markings 18343

Part No.079903444.1

GBP 35.27

CEV Rear light gasket

Part No.062174123

GBP 7.33

Headlamp Glass SD/ MHR (not Mille) Euro & all LHD countries

Part No.080138275.1

GBP 40.90

Headlamp glass, SD/ MHR (not Mille) RHD UK/AUS/NZ/Eire/JPN/ZA

Part No.080138275

GBP 43.97

Headlight Carello SL-Mille/ MHR2/S2 replica For driving on the left eg. (UK, Australia etc)

Part No.066138200.1

GBP 143.86

Indicator RHS Multistrada

Part No.53240061A

GBP 26.87

Indicator L/H 888/SS-97

Part No.53040021A

GBP 21.16

Indicator L/H Complete 916

Part No.53040041A

GBP 11.84

Indicator lens, CEV, 75-85 most.

Part No.079903413

GBP 15.24

Indicator MHR/ Pantah Front R/H side

Part No.066003480.1

GBP 40.39

Indicator MHR/ Pantah, Front L/H side

Part No.066003480

GBP 40.39

Indicator most Bevels & Pantah. CEV replica (no CEV markings) nb if installed with bulbs they may be 6v

Part No.079903444.2

GBP 25.30

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